Introducing an ENF Character

I have a new character that I've been working out some stories for, and she is going to be a classic ENF character. I've written previously about what makes for good ENF stories (to me). There is also a short article here, which describes the genre.

As well as being an ENF heroine, this new character is also a swordswoman - and the stories will be clearly set within the fantasy genre, with all of the usual trappings: magic, monsters, inns, swordfights, and more.

Allow me to introduce Brendella, Warrior of the Sands.

Despite being a capable warrior, Brendella often finds herself in some embarrassing situations. She is a little haughty and over-proud, possessed not of the sharpest intellect, and occasionally a bit naive.

In upcoming stories, she finds herself stripped by a gang of horny goblins; tricked out her clothes by some simple, country lads; at the mercy of cruel enchanter; and doing battle with the dreaded (and somewhat frisky) tentacle monster.

Hopefully there will be many more besides these. Look for them to start appearing soon - and an excerpt from Brendella and the Horny Goblins, which I previously promised.

I'm excited to work on some ENF / Fantasy stories - I think it's a realm ripe for exploration.

Thoughts on fantasy mixed with ENF? or CFNM? Or any other Kink Erotica set in a fantasy world?

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