What is ENF?

ENF stands for Embarrassed Nude Female. Sometimes it will be written as Embarrassed Naked Female. Stories in this genre, or the ones I write anyway, tend to have very little actual sex. These stories focus more on the embarrassment felt by the nude female, who is usually caught naked in some sort of public setting.

For example, a girl who loses a game of strip poker might be an ENF, and a story about her might not have any sex in it, but rather, would deal with her emotional state. The eroticism would come in the form of the slow, hand by hand stripping, and the feelings that surface as the girl slowly loses her clothes.

Alternatively, the story could be from the point of view of someone who is witnessing the embarrassed nude female.

A large part of the embarrassment for the female are witnesses to the event and her nakedness. Hence, ENF generally falls into one of the Clothed/Naked categories.

CMNF, which is Clothed Male, Naked Female, would cover the situations where a naked female is in the company of a clothed man (or men).

Another possibility is CFNF, Clothed Female, Naked Female, where one woman is naked amidst a clothed female(s). This category could include sorority intiation stories, for example.

The setting could even be mixed, as in the case of a mixed gender strip poker game.

It is even possible, although rare, for there to be an ENF story with no witnesses - where all the drama and embarrassment is in the potential for being caught or discovered in the nude. Being locked out naked from a hotel room, for example.

ENF stories can range from light and humorous, to dark and vengeful; although, in the case of the latter, there is usually a reason the female is being tormented - for instance, stories of comeuppance and payback. The reader should feel that her ordeal is at least partially justified. If it isn't, then the victim should be able to get revenge later: if a nice girl is stripped and humiliated, then she should have the chance to get even with her tormentors.

ENF stories can be single, short embarrassing moments - briefly losing a bikini top at the pool, for instance - or it can be long, drawn out affairs.

Although there is usually little or no sex in ENF stories, spankings are always a welcome addition. Voyeurism may appear in some form, and so too, exhibitionism, although generally in the guise of the reluctant exhibitionist. Sometimes, the exhibitionism can lead to the embarrassing situation, such as a woman who is comfortable skinnydipping until her clothes are stolen.

An ENF story may change the female character, making her more comfortable with her nudity, and perhaps turning her into an exhibitionist - or, it may not change her at all, and she will be just as embarrassed the next time she is caught naked!

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