Flushed From the Party

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Flushed From the Party is now available for .99 cents.

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I wrote this story and originally posted it online at an internet storyboard in July of 2007.  It has undergone a minor edit, and it has been made more clear within the text that the main character is over 18. Apart from that, it is largely unchanged and so one or two readers may recognize it.

Here's the description:

Megan, a nineteen year-old college freshman, loses a game of strip beer pong at a sorority party. Standing naked in front of a couple dozen college kids, how could things get any worse?

Answer: The Campus PD arrives, looking for anyone under the drinking age! College kids take off running in every direction.

Megan, still naked, flees into the night, too. And into an erotic, naked adventure which sees her streaking through parking lots, being chased and photographed, even receiving a spanking! Will her ordeal ever end? Or will the police finally catch up to her and take her in, naked and in handcuffs?

This story is about 13100 words, or about 45 pages. 

I urge you to check it out.

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