Kink Erotica - These Ain't Your Mother's Romance Stories!

I often have a hard time describing the type of erotic stories that I write, and in particular, classifying them amongst other erotica.

There is very little sex in the stories I write, which tends to be a hallmark of the genre. And there's very little romance in there generally, so these aren't romances, either.

Although there may be an angle of domination, that isn't always the case. Likewise, although there may be some light bondage, it's usually not the focus of the story. Therefore, I tend to shy away from classifying my stories as BDSM.

The things I find exciting, which become the things I write about, are more often considered fetishes. Things like spanking, voyeurism, accidental and embarrassing nudity, public nudity, exhibitionism, etc.

Although Spanking is often a large enough niche to stand on its own, the others usually aren't.

So I'm left with the general term: Fetish. Or perhaps, Kink.

I like the name Kink Erotica as a genre, although my kinks and preferred fetishes may or may not jive with yours, or with somebody else's.

There is a general belief I have - that most everyone likes to read about sex; fewer people like to read about women(or men) locked out of their hotel room naked. However, readers (myself included) tend to become quite excited when they find a story or an author concerned with their own personal favorite kinks.

Of course, even within the range of stories I like to write, there is a lot of room to move around.

In a day or two, I'll be posting an excerpt from my next release, which is a fantasy story (fantasy as in magic and monsters). It will be an ENF story, featuring an over-proud swordswoman who is stripped naked by a gang of horny goblins.

Stay tuned for the excerpt and the full release!

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