What is CFNM?

CFNM stands for Clothed Female, Naked (or Nude) Male.

CFNM stories cover a wide range of fetishes and situations. The male may or may not be embarrassed by his condition. The woman or women in the story may have control over the man - commonly referred to as femdom (female domination) - or the women may merely be in the presence of nude males, such as in a strip club or a bachelorette party. Usually, the dichotomy of the clothed female and naked male is at the center of the story.

In my CFNM stories, there is very little actual sex. However, if the women are in control of the man, there could be spanking, light bondage, or sometimes oral sex.

My favorite types of CFNM stories usually involve a male or males who find themselves at the mercy of one or more treacherous and horny women, who enjoy nothing more than stripping men naked (especially shy guys), and then spanking them, dominating them, and generally embarrassing the heck out of them!

Most of my CFNM stories involve this type of ENM, or Embarrassed Nude Male, storyline.

Sometimes, the male character will grow to accept his role as a submissive to these horny women, and other times, he'll do everything in his power to escape.

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