What is ENM?

ENM is the male version of the ENF - the Embarrassed Nude Male. Although ENM is a much less common acronym on the internet, and I've even seen it used to refer to an Erect Male, rather than an Embarrassed one, I will use ENM when I am referring to an Embarrassed Nude Male.

The traits of an ENM story are very similar to those of ENF stories.

The main drive of the story is the embarrassment felt by the male character, who is usually shy about being naked in the first place. His embarrassing nudity (although perhaps appreciated by his audience!) is usually in a public or semi-public setting, and there are usually witnesses to the event.

It is possible for a ENM story to have no other characters, where all the drama comes in the form of the potential embarrassment if caught or discovered - for instance, being locked out naked from a hotel room - but these stories are rare.

Usually, the ENM story is either CFNM or CMNM.

CMNM, or Clothed Male, Naked Male, usually features at least one gay character (usually the clothed) or all gay characters.

CFNM, which is Clothed Female, Naked Male, has one of more females witnessing and/or tormenting the embarrassed nude male. These stories are amoong my personal favorites to read and write.

There can also be mixed gender scenarios, where clothed men and womena are witness to the embarrassed naked male.

ENM characters tend to go through a lot - they may be caught naked by strangers, colleagues, or friends; they may end up in public places without clothes; they might be spanked, groped, or fondled; or more!

ENM stories may include voyeurism, and will probably include exhibitionism - even if it is in the form of the reluctant exhibitionist. Sometimes the exhibitionism can lead to the embarrassment, such as being caught skinnydipping.

Sometimes, the experience will change the embarrassed nude male into someone who is more comfortable with nudity and being naked. Other times, they won't be changed at all, and will be just as embarrassed the next time they are locked out of their house naked.

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  1. I am also dedicated to ENM and CMNM.