The Comedian's Spanking

The Comedian's Spanking - Thomas Yonge
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The Comedian's Spanking is a 5000-word short story in which the titular comedian, a brash young female comic, finds herself laid across the lap of a heckler from the audience, for a very public, bare-bottomed spanking. The outraged young heroine could definitely be termed an ENF—embarrassed naked female—although the story goes on to focus on the spanking.

This tale contains a M/F public spanking, numerous witnesses, humiliation, and reluctant/non-consent. So reader beware if that scenario disturbs you. Otherwise, enjoy the Adults Only fantasy herein.

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Full Description: Popular comedian Sally Sandberg, known for her brash, alterna-girl persona, has a deeply embarrassing secret. Years ago, before she was famous, she suffered a very public, bare-bottomed spanking at the hands of an offended heckler. Onstage, in the middle of her set at the Comedy Canteen, she was pulled over the big man's lap and spanked pants-down, right there in front of a cheering crowd.

The event is still spoken of in hushed tones today; the story of that night remains the stuff of legend within the Los Angeles comedy scene.

This is the true story of that night, from one who was there to witness it. This the story of Sally Sandberg's embarrassing, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed, public spanking.

A M/F spanking story of 5000 words, intended for adults only.

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