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Brendella and the Trouble With Crystal Balls
The Rigged Game

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Where Elves Bathe
Flushed From the Party
Spanking Her New Boss
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Brendella and the Horny Goblins
Brendella and the Backwoods Peepshow
Brendella vs. the Tentacle Monster
Brendella and the Overfriendly Enchantress

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The Comedian's Spanking
Brendella: The Collected Stories Volume 1 (That's all five Brendella stories for $3.74!)

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To See Him Naked

To See Him Naked - Sisters Spank Shy Hunk Boyfriend
Brand New CFNM Spanking story available now!

Find it now at Amazon, Smashwords, and other ebook retailers such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Full Description: Kim's boyfriend Matt is a sexy hunk. Unfortunately for her, he's also incredibly shy. They've been dating for two months and they haven't made love yet. She hasn't even seen him naked! Matt is super kind and polite and charming, but Kim is at the end of her rope. If she doesn't get some action soon, she's going to have to dump the hunky shy guy.

In steps Kim's little sister, Jen, with a plan. If Matt is too shy to voluntarily remove his clothes, perhaps it's up to Kim to help him. Make him face his fear head on, so to speak. The two sisters devise a plan to trick Matt right out of his clothes and into Kim's horny clutches.

But what begins as a plan to see her shy hunk of a boyfriend naked turns into something even hotter once the poor guy's clothes are gone. Naked and defenseless against Kim's (and her sister's) wicked plotting, Matt soon finds himself lying across his girlfriend's lap for an intense spanking session. It's a happy ending for Kim, but will there be one for Matt?

A red hot CFNM spanking story. 8500 words. Adults Only