Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I Write

I'm not a very conventional erotica writer. I have a rather narrow window of things I like to read and write about. In fact, I almost hesitate to describe myself as an erotica writer, because I feel like what I write is so far away from mainstream erotica.

For instance, I usually don't write about sex, or characters having sex, at all. And my stories usually aren't very explicit. I was always the guy who thought movies like Porky's, Zapped, and H.O.T.S. were sexier than pornos, and I still feel that way. I mean c'mon, H.O.T.S features a public strip football game between rival sororities - I'd say that's pretty hot.

I've always enjoyed what is now called the Embarrassed Nude Female genre, and so, some of the stories I write are ENF stories. Maybe I'm weird, but a beautiful woman is sexy; a beautiful woman accidentally locked out of her hotel room naked is even sexier. :)

I am also a nerd who likes science-fiction and fantasy, so I married the two and created Brendella, who is a sword & sorcery fantasy-type hero who is also an ENF character. She's brave and determined, but also gullible and not entirely skilled, and is always finding herself stripped by monsters, or tricked out of her clothes. These stories are written slightly tongue-in-cheek. The free story, "Brendella and the Trouble With Crystal Balls" will give you an idea of the tone.

I also enjoy CFNM, which is Clothed Female Nude Male, and in particular, I enjoy the female domination aspects of it. These stories tend to be rougher than the ENF stories I write - actually, I could (and probably will) make another entire blogpost about the differences I perceive in CFNM vs CMNF, but that's for another day.

To sum up how I approach CFNM and CMNF differently, I would offer you the following: The story I wrote called "The Rigged Game" is a short story introducing a group of college girls who lure guys into a rigged strip poker game, in order to strip, spank and humiliate them. The main character, Meg, does this gleefully, and in fact the story is written form her point of view.

But I don't think I would ever write the CMNF equivalent; that is, a group of guys who lure a girl into a strip poker game; strip her, spank her, and humiliate her. If I did, I wouldn't write it from the point of view of the guy who enjoys doing it—that scenario somehow strikes me as much less sexy, and almost unsavory. But when the roles are reversed and it is the girls who are preying on men, I have much less issue with it. I'm not quite sure what that says about me, but I'm sure it says something.

A few other things that I enjoy which will often appear in my stories include spanking, embarrassment, light humiliation, light BDSM, voyeurism, and reluctant exhibitionism (such as having clothes stolen while skinnydipping, or being locked out of a house or room naked, etc.).

Anyways, I enjoy writing, and I try to craft believable, sexy scenarios that others hopefully can read and find erotic as well. Let me know if you read and enjoy the stories.

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