Flushed From the Party

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I wrote this story and originally posted it online at an internet storyboard in July of 2007.  It has undergone a minor edit, and it has been made more clear within the text that the main character is over 18. Apart from that, it is largely unchanged and so one or two readers may recognize it.

Here's the description:

Megan, a nineteen year-old college freshman, loses a game of strip beer pong at a sorority party. Standing naked in front of a couple dozen college kids, how could things get any worse?

Answer: The Campus PD arrives, looking for anyone under the drinking age! College kids take off running in every direction.

Megan, still naked, flees into the night, too. And into an erotic, naked adventure which sees her streaking through parking lots, being chased and photographed, even receiving a spanking! Will her ordeal ever end? Or will the police finally catch up to her and take her in, naked and in handcuffs?

This story is about 13100 words, or about 45 pages. 

I urge you to check it out.

Excerpt - Brendella & the Horny Goblins (upcoming)

As promised, I have an excerpt to share from the upcoming story, "Brendella and the Horny Goblins". It is an ENF Story, in a fantasy (swords & sorcery) setting.

Brendella is an ENF character who is the focus of a series of short stories I am currently working on. The collection (the first of many, perhaps!) will be out at the beginning of the new year.

Brendella is a capable warrior, although often through bad luck, absentmindedness, or overconfidence, she finds herself in embarrassing situations. Usually, this involves the loss of most, if not all, of her clothing!

Here then is a short excerpt, as Brendella (already captured and bound by the goblins) begins to have her clothes forcibly removed!

From "Brendella, and the Horny Goblins":

Now, the eyes of her captors turned fully upon her. She struggled into a sitting position.

"We like you, preeety lady," one of them said.

"Yummy yummy," said another.

They muttered amongst themselves in their own primitive language, occasionally gesturing towards her. She dreaded to know what they were planning.

After a moment, there seemed to be some sort of consensus reached. One of the creatures stepped forward, brandishing what had once been her knife.

She tried to back away, pushing herself along the ground with her legs, but the creature had no trouble catching her. A couple of the others eagerly jumped forward to offer their assistance.

They turned her over onto her stomach. The one with the knife leaned in close. At first, she almost thought he was going to slice her throat. Instead, he brought the knife to her shoulder, and began to saw through one of the straps holding her cuirass in place.

Her frantic protestations to this action were muffled by the gag in her mouth.

Cutting feverishly, the goblin sliced through one strap, and then the other. The blade moved down to her side where, rather than deal with the belts and ties holding her armor together, the appalling beast just sliced right through them!

More conversation passed between her captors. A moment later, she was rolled onto her back, her bound arms pinned beneath her.

Now she could see everything he was doing. Eyes wide, she watched him take the knife to her belt, cutting through it. He pulled it free and handed it back to one of his buddies. The drawstrings on her leather leggings were next.

Now a pair of goblins joined him on the ground. They each grabbed one of her legs. The goblin with the knife leaned forward and cut the binds from her ankles. She tried to kick out with her legs, but the little bastards were stronger than they appeared. With all the leverage, they easily held her down.

The one with the knife handed away the blade, then moved towards her feet. As the other goblins began to chatter and giggle, he first pulled off her left boot, then the right.

Feeling the air on her now bare feet made her very conscious of what was in store for her if she didn't get away from these little cretins soon. A whole lot more of her would soon be bared to the evening air!

Introducing an ENF Character

I have a new character that I've been working out some stories for, and she is going to be a classic ENF character. I've written previously about what makes for good ENF stories (to me). There is also a short article here, which describes the genre.

As well as being an ENF heroine, this new character is also a swordswoman - and the stories will be clearly set within the fantasy genre, with all of the usual trappings: magic, monsters, inns, swordfights, and more.

Allow me to introduce Brendella, Warrior of the Sands.

Kink Erotica - These Ain't Your Mother's Romance Stories!

I often have a hard time describing the type of erotic stories that I write, and in particular, classifying them amongst other erotica.

There is very little sex in the stories I write, which tends to be a hallmark of the genre. And there's very little romance in there generally, so these aren't romances, either.

Although there may be an angle of domination, that isn't always the case. Likewise, although there may be some light bondage, it's usually not the focus of the story. Therefore, I tend to shy away from classifying my stories as BDSM.

The things I find exciting, which become the things I write about, are more often considered fetishes. Things like spanking, voyeurism, accidental and embarrassing nudity, public nudity, exhibitionism, etc.

Although Spanking is often a large enough niche to stand on its own, the others usually aren't.

So I'm left with the general term: Fetish. Or perhaps, Kink.

Spanking Her New Boss

Spanking Her New Boss cover
Spanking Her New Boss is now out! And it's great, CFNM fun!

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"Arrogant, cocky, and rude. Susan's young new boss is also a cute hunk. When she catches him giving away store merchandise, she comes up with a plan to get him right where she wants him - over her knee for a pants-down spanking!"

Spanking Her New Boss is a CFNM Spanking story, so that is exactly what you can expect. ;)

You can sample the first 45% (almost half the story!) for free, through Smashwords.

If you purchase Spanking Her New Boss and enjoy it, please let me know! Either leave a comment here, or a kind word on the Smashwords or Amazon product page! I want to know the story is being enjoyed!

I have plans to do follow up stories involving many of the same characters, so look for more spanking action at the Fuel Mart soon!

What is CMNF?

CMNF stands for Clothed Male, Naked (or Nude) Female.

CMNF stories cover a wide range of potential fetishes. Most of the time, the woman is somewhat reluctant and embarrassed, since herein lies a great wealth of conflict - the thing which drives fiction. However, this isn't always the case - for instance, the story of a stripper, surrounded by clothed men in a strip club, is technically CMNF. In most cases, the emphasis on the female's nudity amongst clothed men is central to the genre.

What is CFNM?

CFNM stands for Clothed Female, Naked (or Nude) Male.

CFNM stories cover a wide range of fetishes and situations. The male may or may not be embarrassed by his condition. The woman or women in the story may have control over the man - commonly referred to as femdom (female domination) - or the women may merely be in the presence of nude males, such as in a strip club or a bachelorette party. Usually, the dichotomy of the clothed female and naked male is at the center of the story.

What is ENF?

ENF stands for Embarrassed Nude Female. Sometimes it will be written as Embarrassed Naked Female. Stories in this genre, or the ones I write anyway, tend to have very little actual sex. These stories focus more on the embarrassment felt by the nude female, who is usually caught naked in some sort of public setting.

For example, a girl who loses a game of strip poker might be an ENF, and a story about her might not have any sex in it, but rather, would deal with her emotional state. The eroticism would come in the form of the slow, hand by hand stripping, and the feelings that surface as the girl slowly loses her clothes.

What is ENM?

ENM is the male version of the ENF - the Embarrassed Nude Male. Although ENM is a much less common acronym on the internet, and I've even seen it used to refer to an Erect Male, rather than an Embarrassed one, I will use ENM when I am referring to an Embarrassed Nude Male.